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Welcome to LegalTrek, the premier legal management software. Our specialized platform streamlines law practice with features like time tracking, matter management, and invoicing, all in one place. Stay organized and efficient with LegalTrek.

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Discover how LegalTrek can transform your legal practice with our comprehensive suite of services. From efficient matter management to secure access control, we offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Secure Data & Access Management

Safeguard matter data with customizable access levels and robust security features. Manage client profiles, matters, tasks, billings, and invoices securely while controlling permissions for different team roles.

Time Tracking, Reporting & Invoicing

Efficiently track time, generate reports, and invoice clients in multiple currencies seamlessly. Keep your team accountable, informed, and your billing accurate with integrated tools.

Structured Setup & Custom Developments

Customize LegalTrek's structure with departments, rates, and fee earners to fit your firm's unique needs. Explore affordable tailored developments to further enhance your workflow and efficiency.

Transform Your Legal Practice with LegalTrek

LegalTrek you can easily manage the processes in your office from the time entries through the matters, and invoicing. Put an end to the numerous applications. With our product, you can easily track all the work done by your colleagues for each matter and their workload for the week or month.Over time, our system managed to impose as a leading legal software on three continents and over 15 countries. LegalTrek is the solution for small boutique law firms as well as firms with over 100 people.
Pricing plans

Your path to legal success with LegalTrek

up to 25 users
54 / monthly
per person
The plan for your boutique or remote law firm.
✔ Our application ✔ Data migration ✔ Invoice template
+25 users
49 / monthly
per person
The plan for medium-sized, multi-office firms.
✔ Our application ✔ Data migration ✔ Invoice template