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Lawrence Chaney

Lawrence Chaney

Partner - Corporate Legal Advisor / GPS Legal & Consulting

"How do I rate LegalTrek? I wouldn't recommend any other solution. Most of the solutions out there are US centric and thus very much constrained by the market they serve – I know because I tried them all. LegalTrek was the ONLY solution that met EVERY single one of our requirements."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov

Assoc. Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov

Partner / Dimitrov, Petrov & Co.

“With LegalTrek we managed to boost our productivity by more than 20% and eliminate time waste on non-important tasks for our attorneys. Now they can focus on legal work, which means more billed hours and more revenue for a law firm.”

Marija Bojovic

Marija Bojovic

Partner / Bojovic & Partners

"I can recommend LegalTrek as dynamic and client-oriented team with sincere desire (and more importantly capacity) to constantly improve their service and the client’s experience."

Igor Aleksandrovski

Igor Aleksandrovski

Partner / BusinessLaw.mk

“With LegalTrek we improved the management of the cases and process, increased our efficiency and upgraded the overview of the operations of the Law Firm. We are convinced that LegalTrek will keep pace, in terms of functionality, with the latest trends in the project management in the legal industry.”

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