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LegalTrek is a best law practice management software if you are client-oriented, mid-size law firm or legal department. We helped hundreds of legal teams with a software that turns legal project management and billing into a growing and profitable business.

What you get

Complete oversight of what matters most.

Complete oversight of what matters most

Easily track project success with a centralized database, real-time reporting on billing and resource utilization.

Increase profitability through accurate & timely billing

Increase profitability through accurate & timely billing

Keep track of  every charge, expense and time spent on cases with our intuitive interface and on-time work reminders.

A single system for all your data

A single system for all your data

LegalTrek’s law practice management software stores all your data – structured and visible –, and keeps it easily accessible and up-to-date.

Manage projects, don't let projects manage you

Manage projects, don’t let projects manage you

LegalTrek legal practice management software provides an intuitive and centralized workflow to manage matter information, organize work, track appointments and keep time.

Accurate & professionally looking invoices in minutes

Accurate & professionally looking invoices in minutes

LegalTrek quickly creates accurate and personalized invoices for each client by providing a single source for all project-related information,customizable invoices and multi-currency support..

Secure & Stable Technology

Secure & Stable

LegalTrek complies with the highest data security standards and gives users full access-control of their information. You can choose whether to use LegalTrek from a secure cloud locations in the US or the EU, or to have it installed at your premises.

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Feature Overview Video

Explore our features in an easy to understand video.
We showcase most important modules in our software:

  • Schedule & Shared Calendars
  • Client Record Management (CRM)
  • Matter Management
  • Project Management (Kanban for law firms)
  • Structuring Legal Fees & Billing
  • Billing Review & Approval for Invoicing
  • Invoicing (multi-currency converter)
  • World Class Online Support

How do I rate LegalTrek? I wouldn’t recommend any other solution.

In the crowded space that is the legal profession, where you need to consider and use every competitive advantage, using LegalTrek will let you stand apart and provide you the tools to keep your focus where it should be – on your clients.

Lawrence Chaney

Partner, GPS Legal & Consulting

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