This Autumn we released updates that will enhance your LegalTrek user experience. We have added Credit Notes, as one of the most requested features, followed by some ancillary useability updates.

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As always, we are grateful to all customers who suggested improvements.

Control Who Manages Invoices in Your Team

Previously, permission to work with invoices (e.g. to access, create, edit, etc.) in LegalTrek was governed by a more abstract permission, related to Billing Activities and financial information in general.

However, as many of you suggested, sometimes it is important for certain staff members to be able to see financial information, even though invoices are not their responsibility. For example, they may need to edit legal billing entries periodically, but not need to see invoices at all.

Hence, with this update, we have enabled separate permission that can specifically (dis)allow certain team members from working with invoices in LegalTrek. So, please ensure that you have this permission turned on, only for those team members who are tasked to work with invoices in your firm.

You can see more details here:


Restrict Access to Your LegalTrek Accounts by IP Address

For those of you who favour extra safety, you can now restrict access to your Law Firm LegalTrek accounts by IP Address. Practically, if you use a Static IP Address, you can heighten security so that your team can log into their LegalTrek accounts only if they access the web from your particular IP.

On the other hand, this level of security limits your users’ ability to use LegalTrek from their homes and/or hotels, or while on the move.

However, you can whitelist more than one IP address, for flexibility. This is particularly useful if your firm operates from a few locations or your team works remotely at times (e.g. from home).

Naturally, only certain staff members are able to set this restriction, as its use is governed by a special permission (one that is turned off by a system default).

Please see here for more details:


Fixed and Success Fees Displayed in “Charges” Table

This long-awaited update now displays financial arrangements made within dedicated Matter pages in the “global” “Charges” table also. Until recently, the “Charges” table included items related to time records only.

However, as many of you increasingly start to use Alternative Fee Arrangements (Fixed Fees; Success Fees; etc.) we have addressed this need by including these arrangements within the Charges section.

This enables you to filter between financial arrangements (from traditional hourly items, to the alternatives), to see those items included within their category totals, as well as the Grand Totals, and to include them in your invoices easier than before.

You can see more details here:


Issuing Credit Notes for Your Clients is now available

Another very significant feature, especially if you ever apply Write-Offs to your clients’ bills. As the title suggests, this feature allows you to issue a Credit Note, right after you have written off a portion of a client’s invoice, download a Credit Note, keep the note on file and send it to your client.

You can see more details here:


User Permissions Revamped View

This update groups User Permissions into expandable / collapsible categories, for easier navigation.

Please  see here for further details:


“Responsible” Column in the Matters List

With this update, you can now see, directly from the Matters List, who is assigned as a Client / Matter, responsible in particular cases. Furthermore, you will be able to use this data point as a filtering criterion, when looking for information in LegalTrek.

You can see more details here:


A Pop-Up that Reminds You to Log Additional Time

Based on requests, we have created an option for you to turn on a notification to remind you, at a set time, to log any additional hours that are missing, to complete the 8hr. work cycle.

This notification is available both as an in-app pop-up, as well as an email sent to your recorded address. It is switched-off by default, so please make sure you turn it on, if you need it.

More details can be found here:


Add and Remove “Involved” Colleagues from a Matter

This update now allows you to add or remove any colleagues from Matters. This is particularly useful if certain jobs are reassigned mid-project.

You can see more details here:


Repeat the Latest Billing Record Date

With this update, LegalTrek now “remembers” the latest billing record date. This is very useful if you are recording multiple billing items together .

Further details can be found here:


Thank you, once again, for all your feedback, and for making all of this possible.

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