Having clients and business contacts from all over the world is typical for most lawyers. As your legal world and job grows, you need to have legal practice management solution with international functionalities.

That’s why we’ve equipped our software with convenient currency formatting. Different currency amounts can be found in many legal docs – from invoices, billing previews, etc. The problem is that they have different characters to mark groups of thousands and hundreds (some use a period, others a comma).

So, depending on the language you use, our app now automatically displays the right format whenever there is a currency or money amount. 

The format of US Dollars is a comma and a period (as $1,333.33), as shown on the screenshot below:

Currency format

In Bulgarian, for example, the comma is right after the group of thousands:

currency formatting

You don’t need to adjust anything in the software, it is already there. To start using our innovative solution and organize better your law firm Register for free 30-day trial.

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