As a lawyer your day is long and busy, you have to deal with lots of different tasks – clients, paperwork, employees, courtrooms. And making a mistake with one of these happens sometimes. But what if it is an important one, like wrong currency in your billings? Has this ever happened to you?

We know some lawyers have that issue and it doesn’t always come by mistake. Especially in law firms where several lawyers are working on the same matter. But in addition to solving complicated legal matters, they need to be careful if all currencies and rates are correct.

So if you don’t want surprises to come into view in you legal bill audit, we suggest you to use technology. It will eliminate the human factor in that kind of work and all your billings will be accurate in both rates and currencies. 

This is how we solved it for our clients

Update Existing Billings

LegalTrek is specially developed to detect changes or differences in expenses, included in one matter. So each time that happens, a warning pops up and reminds our clients that they can update existing billings with the new rate or currency. All they need to do is just click once in the checkbox and confirm the changes. It’s easy and smart!

Curious how our innovative solution can help you organize better your law firm? Register here for free 30-day trial.

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