Agile companies will have to shake off the bad corporate habit, developed over many decades, of viewing workers as a regrettably necessary and frequently fungible cost of doing business, adopting a more mature and nuanced approach to their relationships with talent in the process.

~ Jordan Furlong, “The New World of Legal Work: The Changing Rules of The 21st Century”

In “The New World of Legal Work: The Changing Rules of The 21st Century” the legal industry analyst Jordan Furlong outlines that agile companies will have to start treating their workers with a new approach. Initially, the agile methodologies came from the IT industry but they’re spreading among many other businesses and the legal one is not an exception. If you’re interested how agile methods can help you improve your law practice and your law firm, keep reading.

One of the important agile principles is all about the importance of talent in companies, and as Furlong says – shaking off the bad corporate habits in the relationship with co-workers. The principle that agile IT companies are following is: “giving employees the environment and support they need, and trust to get the job done”.

Are you sure your co-workers are fully satisfied with the environment of your law firm? Do you trust them and do you give them the support they need? If you’re not sure, better think what needs to be changed. According to Agile methodologies, the key is to build your projects/matters around motivated individuals. Here we give you three suggestions to help you apply the above principle in your law firm:

Trust your co-workers more and they will give their best

As a legal project manager, one of your most important tasks is to make sure the processes, workflow, and employees are under control, right? There is a risk, though that if you’re trying too hard to lead them, you may take away their initiative. They’ll get used to the fact they have to be told what to do.

Instead, try to provide your workers autonomy if you wish them to grow and learn new skills. The best way to do so is to provide them the advice and tools they need. 

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Use legal project management solution

Using legal practice management tool is the easiest, smartest and most affordable way to inspire your colleagues to work as a team. The reason is they will be in the loop with the latest updates on the matter all the time. They’ll know what’s done, what yet needs to be done and will have an overview of the whole project.

A legal practice management tool will also make it easier for your co-workers to handle tasks that can be easily automated. These can be billing, invoice generation, making various reports, preparation of different standardized documents.

Here you can read an example of how one of our clients managed to decrease the time needed to assemble a document from one hour to less than a minute. Try to make it possible for your employees to not waste their time with administrative issues and to have enough time to be focused on the important ones.

Make it interesting for your co-workers

One of the many reasons people lose motivation is because they don’t like the type of tasks they’re working on. Do you have co-workers who do monotonous, tedious repetitive tasks again and again? If so, why don’t you change their workflow a little?

You can do so by giving them challenging and exciting new goals. If you push them further and challenge them with something they’ve never done before, you’ll increase their motivation to give the best of themselves. You might be surprised by the results!

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