Do you have lots of standardized documents in your law practice? Is the paperwork becoming an overhead for you? Are you using a lot of manpower to prepare the forms, templates and lists for your routine documents? If so, have you ever thought how much human resource does it take to do these routine tasks? With document automation you will boost your firm’s efficiency by creating more documents every day in less time, lower cost and higher quality of the work.

Moreover, document automation will have an influence on your firm’s image. The reasons are at least two: it will make it easier for you to collaborate faster with your clients and it will enhance your professionalism.

Document Assembly

We are very happy that one of our clients Mike who tested our latest update – document assembly – managed to decrease his firm’s document preparation from 1 hour to just a minute. He now have all his legal files stored in one place, so he doesn’t waste time searching through the pile of documents. Let us give you an example.

Mike often has to use authorization docs such as general letter of attorney for multiple clients. Before trying document assembly, he used to spend about an hour to prepare and fill in the data for each power of attorney. Now, Mike manages to do this in a minute. He only has to fill several fields: his client’s name, identification number, date and client’s address.

How to use document assembly in LegalTrek?

Our framework lets the users upload document templates or use existing ones with just a couple of clicks. They can be customised easily by adding fields for the information that’s needed – name, address, company, phone, e-mail, ID numbers and others.

To generate a document in LegalTrek you first need to create a template and add some variables in it. Please, note that the variables should be added before the file is uploaded and written in this form: ${}, ${date}, ${client.address}, so that the software can recognize them.

Then save it and assemble a new document from the template you just prepared and stored in the app. Fill the information of your client in the fields and it’s ready! From now on, you’ll be able to use this template by choosing it from the drop-down menu.

Do you want to make your law practice much more easier and efficient too? Try document assembly here!

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