Recently a great post by Capterra grabbed our attention with its sweet title: “3 Steps to Convince Your Dinosaur Lawyer Boss You Need Legal Software”. The article as the title says, is about proving the benefits of tech to the grumpy old partners. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we’re all about legal tech as well. So, here’s our take on this topic, by adding a slightly different perspective.

The adoption of innovation is a necessary part of every successful law firm strategy. Even the most progressive and forward-thinking law firm owners sometimes forget to ask for ideas from people that are usually overwhelmed with work… Yes, we are talking about office managers!

Office Manager and Lawyers Creating New Ideas

Apart from partners, office managers are the ones knowing the law firm’s tiniest details. They run the firm’s day-to-day affairs, often overwhelmed with amount of work. That’s why they are open to legal innovation. Below are 3 facts we found to be true for most of office managers we are working with!

1) Office Managers Foresee the True Benefits of Legal Innovation

banner2If you’re a legal office manager, you’ll agree that though very interesting and challenging, your job sometimes can be overwhelming. Office managers see clearly that the way to handle time-consuming tasks is through legal software.

For example, one of our users (office manager in a mid-sized firm) explained that invoice generation is one of the top reasons he enjoys LegalTrek legal software so much. Why? Because he doesn’t have to search for the right billings, matters, time period and all other details. manually. The app does this in zero time while he wins time to work on other important issues.

Crafting invoices is just a little aspect of how legal software saves office managers a huge amount of time. Here, you can read for which other daily tasks innovation is crucial to office managers.

2) Office Managers Know Tech will Improve Communication with Clients

bannersLegal innovation improves client communication in 2 ways: it makes it faster and it makes the firm precise in reporting to their clients. Let’s take an usual situation in every law practice – a client calls and wants to arrange a meeting with their lawyers.

This is not a hard task for an office manager but it takes time to ask and coordinate free time slot individually with each lawyer. The communication between these three people in a situation like that can be much easier and faster with shared calendars.

New technologies can also help your firm anticipate customer needs and be more responsive. How much time does it take you now to prepare and send a billing report to a client? With a LegalTrek legal software you will be able to give your clients right away what they want, when they want it.

The various workflow improvements driven by technology can gain your firm a competitive advantage. Don’t forget that in the long run, happy clients will drive new ones!

3) Office Managers Really Care about Their Colleagues

banner3Office managers are smart, tech savvy hard workers who LOVE their job. They want to boost the workplace happiness by using smart new tools which will make everybody’s work more pleasant. Their job commitment ensures their position as leaders today and as chief operation officers in future!

This is our reason to truly believe that office managers should not be afraid to propose innovative ideas and pursue them. And in turn, law firm partners should not be sceptical but open to new suggestions!

If you agree with us, check how LegalTrek can help your law firm! Simply click below to book a demo, and one of our account executives will reach you out and show how your life can be much easier with our solution.



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