An important measurement of your firm’s growth is the monitoring of the produced work. It’s not an easy job to track what your fee earners are doing in their day-to-day work. Do you know how to monitor employees ‘ work without spending too much time on it? We have a solution …

Below we share some ideas to help you track the work of your colleagues easily, accurately, and most importantly without violating their privacy!

monitoring employees

Find out Who Are the Most Hardworking People

It’s interesting how one of our attorney friends measures the work done in his firm. What he does, at least, two times a week is to sit down with each of the associates and go over their tasks, and duties in the last couple of days. He said this is his way of making sure the work is getting done. It’s surely a good way to receive valuable insight on the current workload, but it’s not an efficient one!

Imagine if, instead, you could easily see the hours billed by your colleagues in a minute, and save yourself the long meetings questioning them what’s done and what’s not…

Co-workers reports will help you check and compare hours worked by your team for specific period of time. Take a look at the beautiful reports created for our clients:


To create a co-workers report in LegalTrek, go to Add new ➝ Report and specify the exact metrics you want to track. Click Save and you’ll see the report in the Report section in the Main menu. The hours worked by your colleagues will be displayed in both chart and table, and you can even choose with whom to share the information.

Keep Yourself Up-to-date with Daily Emails

A corporate law firm partner was pleased to see the daily company reports are sent right into his inbox. Can you imagine ending every busy day with a stack of paper on your desk? This definitely won’t feel like the work day is over!

Going through each lawyer’s info on billed time and work done can take an indefinite period of time, as well as energy …

Now, imagine how much better it would be to receive a full and well-ordered digital report with the firm’s time entries. You’ll be able to check it every morning while enjoying your cup of coffee. A good start of the office day, having greater control and information, is critical for achieving better results. Here are some additional benefits:

  • it’s a good reminder to check time entries
  • it’s giving valuable insights about the attorneys and the firm
  • it’s giving enough time for analysis and action

Reacting in a timely manner is effortless with LegalTrek because the daily company email is enabled by default. You can also choose the exact time you wish to receive the email.

If you’re interested in our law practice management solution, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just book a demo by clicking the button below and one of our account executives will reach you out, and show you how LegalTrek can streamline your firm.


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