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25 Secrets to Success with Alternative Fee ArrangementsThe eBook gathers invaluable pieces of advice from outstanding legal professionals, pricing consultants and experts. The names of Dr George Beaton, John Chisholm, Ronald Baker, Richard Burcher, Rob Knowsley and Jim Hassett are among the authors selection who advocates the use of alternative fee arrangements in law firms.

They provide readers with comprehensive information and advice on the advantages of non-hourly based legal fees. 

You will read what are alternative fee arrangements, which are the most used types, what are their advantages, how alternative fees will improve your client relationships and competitive advantage. You’ll also find out great stories and examples of law firms that have long-recognised clients’ interest in AFAs and have successfully implemented them. Among these firms are MooresMarque LawyersBowen Buchbinder VilenskyBespoke and ViewLegal

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