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Supercharge the effortless communication in your law firm with LegalTrek collaboration features. Discover LegalTrek today!

Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notifications keep you on top of the important activities in your firm. They instantly notify you of approaching deadlines or when once your colleagues complete or assign you a task/event. Additionally, this allows your financial controllers to stay informed about developments in fee arrangements with clients (e.g. breach of CAP, etc.).

Shared Calendars

LegalTrek Shared Calendars lets you coordinate your team’s activities and keeps you informed about important events . Every member of your legal team has a calendar, and what is more – you can follow the calendars of your co-workers.

Client Portal Conversations

LegalTrek Client Portal informs clients about matter progress at all times. The Portal allows you to exchange documents and talk to your clients. Receive notifications when a client accesses the Portal, a document or sees one of your messages.

Contacts Lists

LegalTrek keeps your contact lists in one place . And if you want to sort your lists faster, simply create different types of contacts. Moreover, with the Custom Fields you can keep full information on your contacts.

Easy Access to client Information

Keep all your client information in one place, and access it anytime, anywhere (active / inactive matters, general information, charges, expenses, and other).

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