Secure and Stable Technology

Discover law firm security features in LegalTrek legal practice management software. Your data is safe with LegalTrek, join us today!

Login Security

You can activate the two-step verification login process and additionally protect your login. In doing so, you are the  only one who can access your account, with the code generated by apps like Google Authenticator.

Server Security

We abide to the highest security standards. If you use our public or private cloud, we encrypt all your data with a SSL connection. Moreover, all the data stored in files and databases will also be encrypted. Regular backups guarantee that no data is lost and relieves you of any worries. We also offer a slew of hosting options. For additional security you can choose between EU or US servers, your private cloud or on-site storage.

User Access Level

LegalTrek is proud with its comprehensive user access and privileges options. It enables partners in charge and administrators to tailor the access rights of their team members. This way you protect sensitive information from an outside, or an inside threat. You can manage the right of access to financial information, client lists, matter list, or general settings of your LegalTrek accounts and application.


In addition to user level privileges, you can decide who can see certain items. You decide who to add in notes and conversations; or who to have access to a particular file, clients, events, or matters.



LegalTrek’s comprehensive settings page lets you tailor the application preferences to your organization’s needs. These settings regard your preferred practice areas, company and billing positions, preferred currencies, and many many more. LegalTrek’s team makes sure you always feel at home with our system.

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