Law Office Management

Effectively manage your law firm or law practice with LegalTrek law office management features. Try it today!


LegalTrek Folder system helps you sort your documents for different clients and matters. Every time you create a new client or matter, LegalTrek creates a folder with a corresponding name. All attached documents are automatically sorted and safely stored, so you can access them at any time. Additionally, you can create and rename folders, and set a Shared folder for the whole company and a Private one for your reference.

Document Assembly

Use LegalTrek document assembly to quickly create complex or simple documents from templates.


Matter Types

Segment your matters into different types and follow them through their lifecycle. Matter Types can be a great criteria in LegalTrek smart filters, or a vital part of your management reports. It gives you oversight of your performance in the different fields of your work.

Responsible Persons

Set persons responsible for any matter or client. This allows you to stay on top of relationship ownership and lets you see who is in direct charge of the work performed.

Task Templates

If you are handling lots of repetitive tasks and projects, you can use LegalTrek Task Templates to make your project and task assigning faster and easier. Simply save the list of tasks in a template and use them as many times as you need in the future. You can save task names, description, attached documents, sequence along with the time-span etc. Moreover, you can load all these information with a single click.



Add important notes and comments to any matter or client, or have a conversation with your team members. You can always attach a document to the conversation and keep everyone in the loop. You can keep your conversations open, or private by selecting the colleagues able to see and participate in the conversation.


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