Law Firm’s Key Insights

Reporting and law firm’s key insights feature in LegalTrek law practice management software provides fast reporting and analysis capabilities.

Client Reports

Discover your top-rewarding clients with a simple reporting solution. Select metrics and time-frames to observe, and create a report for the clients that bring in the most business.


Co-workers reports

LegalTrek Reports helps you discover your top-performing team members . Select metrics and time-frames to observe, and create a report for the lawyers doing the most valuable work and bringing in the most .

Cashflow Reports

Our cash flow reports will help you track your net income and the amount of unpaid and paid invoices. LegalTrek lets you monitor your firm’s financial performance throughout the the financial year. These descriptive statistics will help you make informed decisions about the future of your company.

Daily & Weekly Emails

Email Reports are a great way for partners to see if fee earners fulfil their goals and commitments on various projects. Partners receive email reports for each team member, and can quickly implement corrections. In addition, fee earners will receive email reports for their own commitments. These emails are sent every day, week and month, but you can set decide when to receive such emails.

Global Search

LegalTrek Global Search Bar helps you find any client, matter, contact or document in a matter of seconds. Simply start typing the searched phrase and the Search Bar will suggest and sort the results by relevancy.

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