Legal Time Tracking and Invoicing

LegalTrek offers an intuitive legal time tracking and easy-to-use invoicing features. Join today!


LegalTrek’s Legal Time Tracking feature let’s you track your time automatically or manually. Use our Timers feature if you prefer auto-tracking. Moreover, if you are a multitasker, you will love our Multiple Timers feature, which lets you manage different timers at the same time, and easily switch from one to another. You can always add your time manually and assign it to any task, matter, and client.


Stop using spreadsheets or paper to view and present the hours you’ve worked. By using LegalTrek’s Time Entry and Timesheets feature, you can easily punch in your worked time for the day. In doing so, you will be able to view your timesheet in LegalTrek, as well as receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on your work and hours. In addition to lawyers receiving their own reports, partners can also receive timesheet reports about their colleagues. This ensures that partners are always in the loop and can react quickly when needed.

Time Entries Review

After your fee earners have accounted for their work, charges, and expenses, it is time to review their reports before preparing and sending an invoice to your clients. When doing revisions, you can edit and amend anything – from fee amounts, time spent, descriptions of work added, etc. This helps you stay on top of what is sent to your clients. LegalTrek smart filters automatically find any billing units that fall under your pre-set criteria. This not only helps you monitor the billing status of certain clients, but also helps you keep an eye on practice areas, lawyers in charge, or matters with a billing amount threshold.


Legal Billing Reports

LegalTrek Billing Reports give you full transparency, avoid any fee disputes with clients with LegalTrek Billing Reports. This feature lets you organize and present your work to your clients in a format both you and they are are familiar with. Billing Reports are customizable and you can decide on the format and information to include.


Legal Billing Software for Easy Invoicing

LegalTrek Invoicing module is much more than an invoice generating tool. You can use it to set due dates and monitor overdue dates. Furthermore, you can set reminders and never leave unpaid invoices. LegalTrek Invoicing module is customizable and integrates with your current invoice layout. This way you preserve the brand identity of your law firm. You can mark invoices paid or partially paid, and stay on top of your receivables.


Bulk Invoicing

LegalTrek Bulk Invoicing delivers automation to help you deal with the ton of invoices you issue every month. It prepares a list of all clients ready to be invoiced for that specific month, and automatically generates hundreds of invoices with a single click; including all pre-set preferences (e.g. invoicing language). As a result, you can see and manage the full list of your invoices.

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