Legal Directory and Library

It seems you are looking for the old

Sadly the directory for government & legal information is no longer hosted here.

But LegalTrek can be still of help to your law firm! 


LegalTrek is a complete practice management software for modern law firm billing legaltrek

With our help You no longer need to put up with administration slowness or mundane tasks. LegalTrek saves your time for what really matters – serving your clients and earning new business while increasing profits.

Whether in the Cloud or installed on your premise, LegalTrek is designed to set you ahead of the competition and delight even your most sophisticated corporate clientele.

What are some of the features of our software:

  • Accurate & Easy Billing;
  • Simple time tracking;
  • Automatic invoicing and transparent work reports;
  • Alternative fees;
  • Comprehensive reporting;
  • Complete control over the information access;
  • Matter management.

Try LegalTrek for Free

If You want access the old, You can do it thanks to

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