Integrating LegalTrek into your practice is a no-brainer

We do not just sell you a software. We are there for you from the moment you decide to improve your business, navigating you through all challenges you face when implementing technology solutions.

Guided adoption process with LegalTrek

LegalTrek Process - Evaluation


Assessment aims to help us understand your needs, and your firm’s dynamics. It will give you a full understanding of the benefits LegalTrek brings, and why it is the right solution for your firm.

LegalTrek Process - Trial Program

Trial Program 

Our 60-day trial program will assure the smooth on-boarding process of your team. The program includes full data migration, feature customization, training and support.

LegalTrek Process - Kick off

Kick off

After the successful trial program, your company is ready for an uninterrupted firm-wide adoption. Enjoy a smoothly running service and free upgrades!

LegalTrek Process - Continuous Collaboration

Continuous Collaboration

We act with integrity and respect to build a valuable product for you. Feel free to reach us with any questions or suggestions.


The LegalTrek team doesn’t just sell you a solution and then back it up with outstanding technical support, they partner with you. They engage with you. They listen to you. They are responsive. You get a real, tangible sense that they care about you as a client, because they do.

Lawrence Chaney

Partner, GPS Legal & Consulting

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