This summer we released updates that will enhance your LegalTrek user experience. Please see videos for more details (below), and do make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notified about our upcoming updates.

As always, we are grateful to all customers who suggested improvements.

Totals and Dropdowns in the “Invoices” Section

We keep improving our list of invoices and invoice filters. To give you greater useability and reporting, we have added advanced filtering functionalities, as well as the “Totals” section.

Advanced Filtering: You can now use various filtering criteria and build your own custom lists to make it easier to find appropriate invoices.

Invoice Totals section: Similar to the totals box in the “Billings” Section, you can now see the total invoice amounts within a grey box on top. Additionally, you can use the above filtering feature to zoom in on invoices that you wish to observe (for example, past due invoices) and the totals section will present the total sum of all past dues.

You can, of course, make many other filters and create your own use-cases. For example, you can see how much was invoiced to your biggest client, how much was paid, calculate monthly income and get other useful stats.

You can see more details here:


Invoice Write-Offs

We understand that, from time to time, you need to do certain write-offs. In order to deliver you accurate revenue reports, we have added a feature that will enable you to record write-offs within the system.

In order to use this functionality, simply add a write-off amount to an invoice, and it will come up in the totals. This will ensure you have a clear picture of paid and discounted amounts.  

You can see more details here:


New filter criterion in billings and invoices: “Client”

Based on your feedback, we have made it possible to filter billings and invoice lists by client name. Previously, you were able to do such filtering on Matters, so this improvement will make it much easier to find proper information (billings, billing reports, and/or any related documents).

You can see more details here:


Edit Billings form got moved to a Pop-up

We have moved the form for editing billing entries into a pop-up. This improves useability and speed of use for these features. Now you can check your billing items without having to go back and forth after editing them.

You can see more details here:


Mark certain client entities as “Internal” clients

We noticed that many of you have created an “internal client”, usually with your law firm’s name. Your team would then proceed to record non-billable activities (e.g. business development) to this client. Before releasing this feature, your team had also to remember to always put zero (0) billable hours.

To make this easier, we have added an option to mark certain clients as “internal”. For those clients, billable hours will always be set to zero.

You can see more details here:


Restrict time recording after a certain date

If you want a disciplined legal team that records their hours and fees on time, we have just the right feature for you.

With an option, you can restrict your team to only add time entries for the last X days (you can determine X in the settings). Let’s say you pick 7 days (one week). Employees will then be unable to change the “Worked on” date of any entry to a date older than 1 week. LegalTrek will make it impossible for forgetful team members to add their time after 3 weeks.

With a second option, you can guarantee that you finish the month on time. By enabling this, you can prevent employees adding time for the previous month, after a certain date of the current month. For example, you can set it so employees have only until the 3rd of August to finish July, and so on.

You can see more details here:


Printable Schedule

For a better preview of your (or your firm’s) busy schedule, we created a printable version of the calendars. You can use it to go to court, during planning meeting, or simply to take notes. The printable schedule also displays whatever notes you entered into the system regarding tasks or events!

You can see more details here:


Expandable forms in Add Client, Add Matter and Add Contact

We want to make adding a Client, Matter and/or Contact as quick and easy as possible. At the same time, we want to leave you the option to write in as much information as you and your team need. So, with your help as users, we implemented the idea of expandable groups of fields, that you can hide if you don’t need and expand if you need. The system will remember your selection!

You can see more details here:


Thanks again for your feedback that makes all this possible.

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